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How to buy office furniture

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Multinational companies, located in the top of the outstanding enterprises in Pyramid, a lot of European and American brands to buy furniture, office furniture to highlight the company's prominent position, but also in line with the choice of values. The first is affordable, the second is expensive, but also the value of money.

The beginning of a small number of small business funding constraints, to spend more places, only to choose a low price of the product, although it is helpless, but also in line with the values of the rational choice.

Most large and medium-sized enterprises, the development of enterprises, can be taken into account the more factors, it is in addition to the use of the value of the furniture itself, but also the value of what factors. To express the trend of fashion factors, it is to be the first design; to express pragmatic culture, we should consider the quality and price ratio is reasonable, there are a lot of companies require excellent after-sales service.

Office furniture is different from other single product, it is a system engineering, but also contains a lot of service composition. It is not only to consider the overall problem, the macro issues, but also to consider the specific issues, micro issues. Experts believe that good office furniture is designed to be customized, design is the first; only custom design can fully personalized, create a unique cultural value. Design of the design, the overall style of the design, the specific design of special furniture.

A good graphic design should take into account the following aspects:

1, graphic design should be combined with the customer's building structure, organically combined. Reasonable and efficient use of space, to maximize the benefits of office space, according to local conditions, tailored, whole a strong sense of graphic design.

2, graphic design should fully consider the customer's organizational structure, the number of departments and functions to meet the special needs of various departments and the requirements of the desktop space.

3, the plane should be designed to meet the cultural needs of customer management, to make a choice between in the open and privacy. Some companies emphasize communication and coordination, and some companies emphasize trust and authorization, some stressed the independence of the work, we plan to meet the requirements of customer management.

4, the highest level of graphic design is to create cultural values, but also to create personalized, creative beauty and artistic value. This requires us to combine the characteristics of the customer's corporate culture, product image, as well as the requirements of the CI strategy. Low standard is intended to carry out renovation, conforming to the style of decoration; high standard is to compensate for the lack of decoration, decoration engineering, and complement each other in hand.

Style design is the soul of interior design, but also the most striking part of the same graphic design has a different style of application. The style of the design aspects related to graphic design, the style and color of more weight depends on the furniture, it also must fully consider the customer's personalized and unique requirements; on the other hand to meet the aesthetic requirements, the pursuit of beauty and artistic value, to create a unique cultural value for customers, or modern, or classic, fashion, elegant, luxurious, simple, stable, or light.

The application of color in the design is also very important, fully first to fully the relationship between the well-being of the choice and the sense of space, second different colors to show different emotional appeal. Large area of color application, application of color combination is appropriate, avoid the sense of.

Excellent supplier of office furniture is good for the customer to solve the problem, namely, from the height of the system to provide the best overall solution for customers, and create value for customers (value refers to the individuality and unique cultural values), and all of this comes from the design.

From another perspective, the purchase of office furniture, most of the customers are to buy a few years back, it is not necessarily the person responsible, are unlikely to be professional staff, so that not to mention what professional and amateur professional experience, when the referee, inevitably there are many misunderstandings we list, buy, for your reference.

1, too much emphasis on low price and value, cost is usually closely linked. The low price of the furniture is usually low cost, poor quality, the general appearance and design are poor, not to mention what cultural value. Have the experience of purchasing all know, buy the price is too low, usually there will be a lot of hidden dangers, leading to the purchase of a lot of problems, it is a regret. For most companies, the gap between the total amount of 10-20% is not a big problem.

2, buy brand buy brand usually is not wrong, but the purchase of large quantities, to follow the brand furniture (especially imported furniture) compared with the general domestic high-quality furniture, or a lot more expensive, less 50-100%, more than 200-300%. As the famous brand furniture brand promotion costs, or to pay a considerable amount of money; say what brand is good, but only some professionals can distinguish details. In fact, strictly speaking, the brand does not mean that the design, brand companies have a good designer, does not mean that each designer is excellent, but not equal to each individual case are excellent design. The author is a professional designer, have seen poor design brands (of course a), even deviate from the basic principle of color design, application error and other common mistakes are, more money is not equal to design well.

3, too much attention to the scale of enterprises can only explain the production capacity, and can not explain the good quality and design capabilities, in a sense, the scale and personality, cultural value or contradiction. Italy furniture is famous four seas, but the size of the furniture enterprises in Italy are not large, very famous enterprises only a few dozen people, but the famous Italy furniture design, not the size of. On the contrary, the low grade of the product manufacturers are often very large, in Shunde, Zhongshan more common. Customers to buy are quality and services (including design), the basic business scale has nothing to do.

4, buy fast delivery products, many customers buy the spot without considering the lack of experience, high-end products in the production cycle, fast completion of the renovation to the office, only to buy, has been delaying the time, only the second best buy, quick delivery products, buy stock. Such products are usually low-grade products, the lack of personalized and cultural value, and even the quality is not good, generally can not meet the needs of high level customers.

5, buy Furniture City products a lot of customers to buy office furniture as a very small thing, not too concerned about, think to the furniture city furniture city will support more styles, a turn, see the right, can buy back. As everyone knows, the furniture city style, exquisite little; high-grade products highbrow, furniture city furniture city into less, mostly what almost no high-end products. Furniture City, in essence, is only in the furniture shopping malls, theme, like clothing city, electric city, no deep understanding of furniture, can provide professional services, many customers do not know the right to buy back, but it was too late. For example, those who do not have the direction of the office desk, not all customers know, buy back found not know. The design of open office area is more difficult, professional knowledge is more. It is not from the furniture city furniture, to * *, there are high costs (rent, wages, administrative expenses, electricity etc.), manufacturers are not hard to find, a small amount of furniture to buy also never mind, go to the bulk purchase of furniture city real irrational choice. In addition, the furniture city usually first payment or goods to the payment (a lot of money in the absence of the collection), there is no initiative to the issue of the right to the furniture city's service is more like love oath.

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